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Hello World

Introducing Our Newest Betabeat Staffer: Kelly Faircloth


Please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kelly, and I’m the latest initiate into the Betabeat coven. Starting today, I’ll be joining Adrianne, Nitasha, and Jessica as a full-time writer and reporter. And just who am I? Previously, I worked at HD Made, where I curated a Tumblr you might recognize for their client NASDAQ. I’ve also blogged for places like io9 and Shelf Awareness. Read More

Hello World

Introducing Our Newest Betabeat Staffer


Hey there, fellow Betabeaters. My name is Jessica, and I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the Betabeat team as a full-time staff writer and reporter. Previously, I was a blogger for 10,000 Words and have written for a bunch of other publications. I currently live in San Francisco (a.k.a. New York’s geeky nemesis), but will be headed back to NYC in the next month so that I can properly deliver you the juiciest Silicon Alley scoops. Read More