Hardware is the New Software

Hardware is the New Software

Meet Canary, a Super Simple New Home Security Device for Normals

(Photo: Canary)

The majority of home security systems are clunky, inefficient, expensive and not exactly ideal for renters. Chances are if you want to quantify your home the same way you quantify yourself, you have to sign a contract with a security behemoth like ADP and go through a lengthy install process to get the thing working. Canary, a new startup based in Soho, aims to change that. Read More

Hardware is the New Software

Grand St. Reimagines Retail for Personalized Tech: Hardware Has Changed, So Should the Way It’s Sold

Ms. Peyton (Photo: @msg via

All that hardware-is-the-new-software talk you’ve been hearing will soon get an equally avant-garde means of distribution, courtesy of a new venture called Grand St. “We are re-thinking online electronics retail for this new era in hardware,” Grand St. cofounder Amanda Peyton, a Y Combinator alum, told Betabeat.

Between the financial model for hardware shifting–with pre-sales on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo or product development through Quirky–not to mention 3D printing and rise of the maker, “The experience of finding and buying new personal technology needs to adapt as well,” Ms. Peyton wrote on her blog yesterday, in an introduction to Grand St. Read More

Hardware is the New Software

Hipster Cooking Device from Fatty Crab and Babbo Alums Sparks Investor Interest


What do you get when you mix one part fresh-faced “bicoastal foodies,” one-part pioneering Chinese accelerator, and one-part high-brow cooking fad? Nomiku, an immersion circulator that wants to bring a “Top Chef”-worthy cooking technique to the amateur kitchen.

By clipping Nomiku’s device onto any pot of water, users are able to master sous-vide cooking, a method increasingly popular for its consistent, juicy results. Meat smokers? So 2010. Read More