Harder Better Faster Stronger

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Tweaking Scientists Invent FDA-Proof ‘Caffeine-Related Ingredient’

Peace out, coffee, there's a new sheriff in town.

In an effort to circumvent the pesky FDA, a company called ChromaDex is hard at work on a “caffeine-related ingredient” that will provide a buzz that’s spread over a longer period of time than the one you get from normal caffeine.

The FDA has been cracking down on all of the ridiculously caffeinated products on offer recently, Fast Co. Exist reports, and ChromaDex’s Purenergy would “offer the same energy boost as traditional caffeine in significantly lower quantities, circumventing any future FDA caffeine limits for products.” Read More

Harder Better Faster Stronger

4Chan Emerges From Its Dark Corner of the Internet with a Faster API

Moot (Photo: Austin 360)

4chan is a little stuck in web 1.0. Like Craigslist and even Ebay, its interface has been paused in the mid-aughts, making navigation a little less than intuitive. But that could change very soon. After returning to the fold to introduce a Q&A feature last month, 4chan ombudsman moot (nee Chris Poole) announced on the site’s blog today that he is releasing a read-only JSON API.

Mr. Poole said that 1.5 percent of 4chan’s traffic comes from extensions and third party apps, but those apps work primarily by parsing HTML. By releasing a JSON API, developers can begin to build third party clients–both mobile and desktop–that provide a more optimal 4chan reading experience and ostensibly run much faster than their HTML brethren. (Read-only means that developers can harness the API to allow users to read content from 4chan, but not allow them to post through third party apps.) Read More