Hackathon to End All Hackathons: TechCrunch Disrupt Sign-Ups “Off the Richter”

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There is a hackathon every damn weekend now, and yet registration for TechCrunch Disrupt is blowing up, organizer Tarikh Korula told Betabeat. “Oooh, no time for a call today, unfort. The signups this year have been off the Richter scale–much faster than we’ve seen in the past two hackathons we’ve done,” he said in an email. “I posted early registration to these two lists and we had 100 signups before the article went live. We got a couple hundred more after that.”  Read More


Welcome to Hackathon Central!


“There seems to be a hackathon every weekend now,” web designer Cemre Güngör told Betabeat with a hint of weariness. He’s wrong: Often, there are two—last weekend, some programmers trekked to CUNY to build news apps for the Hacks/Hackers hackathon while others headed to Pivotal Labs in Union Square for the education-focused HackThink. Read More


Headline Guessing Game Wins News Games Hackathon; Other Hacks Not as Fun

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The winner of this weekend’s news games hackathon hosted by journalist/developer group Hacks/Hackers at CUNY’s journalism school this weekend was created by a professional newsroom programmer, Associated Press developer Julian Burgess. In Whose Headline, players match headlines to their publications. It has the simple, sticky satisfaction of solitaire, but you gain a top-level sense of what’s going on in the world at the same time. Is “DRUGGY DAUGHTER BOOMERANGS WHITNEY” from The National Enquirer, the New Yorker or The Onion? “Attorney generals slam ‘binge-in-a-can’ drink”–The New York Daily News, Forbes or The Guardian? Read More


Infotainment: News Games Hackathon Tomorrow

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I went to journalism school for a semester, where I had a jolly, cynical, old-school professor named Charles Davis, who thinks of hard news as vitamins. “Don’t give them what they want!” he would shout, referring to the demand for celebrity news and other unchallenging sorts of content. “Give ‘em what’s good for ‘em!” Read More


Was Baltimore Startup Weekend More Hospitable to Minorities?

According to this story in the Baltimore Sun, some hackers traveled from New York to the Baltimore edition of the Startup Weekend hackathon this week. Was it because the New York event was sold out, we wonder? And why is it that tweets about the story introduced it as “Great coverage of minorities at NYC Startup Weekend,” when the story was about the Baltimore event and did not explicitly discuss minorities? Read More


Startup Weekend Winners

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We’re getting a little worn out from all these #@%$ing hackathons, and we’re not even coding. One of the most exhausting, Startup Weekend–the code-and-beyond hackathon that challenges entrepreneurs to build a minimum viable start-up in a weekend–was Friday through Sunday, following consecutive weekends of Lean Startup Machine and HackNY. There were 74 ideas pitched at General Assembly for the event. Read More


Student Coders Do it Live at HackNY Hackathon

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The HackNY hackathon is the most realistic New York hackathon in recent memory in terms of what can be built in a weekend, attendees told Betabeat over and over.

Students from NYU, Columbia, Juilliard, Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania and Brown, running on bagels, ice cream and a few hours of sleep presented rough drafts of applications Sunday including a virtual reality xylophone, location-based chat, personalized recommendations from Netflix Instant, a website that tells you what ice cream shops are nearby, and two derivatives of the game Balderdash. Read More


72 Apps Are Born at NYC Music Hack Day

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General Assembly’s spacious lounge was completely packed with people, pretzels and swag Sunday afternoon as developers and groupies crowded around a projector to watch demonstrations of the 72 music apps produced during the weekend’s Music Hack Day hackathon. “What if a bomb went off at General Assembly right now?” one VC wondered Read More