Stalk Your Favorite Subway Buskers With the Winner of the MTA’s Transit Hackathon

Soon. (Photo:

Your smartphone is useful for more than Bejeweled now that there’s Wifi in many stations, and the MTA is trying to use that connectivity to make your commute better. (Just don’t ask when your train is getting a countdown clock.)

This weekend, techies gathered in Brooklyn at NYU Poly’s MetroTech Center campus for the first official, MTA-approved transit hackathon. Participants threw together a total of 17 submissions judged by authorities like Rachel Haot, General Assembly cofounder Matt Brimer and AT&T New York president Marissa Shorenstein. Read More


cLoudspeaker Proves the Easiest Way to Win a Hackathon is by Rickrolling the Audience

The team presenting cLoudspeaker at NYU's Courant Institute. (via Kaushal Parikh)

Last weekend’s hackNY Hackathon at NYU’s Courant Institute culled some of the best young engineering minds from the East Coast to compete in a 24-hour code battle to the DEATH (okay, not really). But still–intense! The main project criteria for this hackathon? “Awesomeness,” obviously.

“For seriously this is not a hackathon about building something with a huge market or a ‘minimum viable product’ or something,” reads the Hacker League page. “Build something that blows away the judges with creativity and skill, either in design or technical winning.” Read More


What Is This Mysterious ‘Hacker Olympics’?


Who is the best hacker in New York City? A tipster just forwarded us a link to this: The Hacker Olympics: NYC 2.18.12, The Search for the Chosen One. Here is a hackathon that really will be all hackers! The venue is secret, revealed only after the hacker solves a puzzle, a long, jumbly string that must be translated into a 10-digit number. “Hacker Policy: Don’t be a dick and share the answer,” the site says. “The point of this challenge is to weed out non-hackers and give you a fun and interesting way to register for the hackathon, k?” Read More


‘Farm Bill of Health’ Wins Civic-Minded Hackathon


This is a guest post by Brian Borger, director of content and strategy at Gojee. Follow him on Twitter at @BrianBorger.

When a sleepy 8:30 a.m. rolled around last Saturday, the labyrinthine co-working space that Cookstr calls home roared to life. Around 120 developers, designers, data crunchers, policy experts, and marketers participated in the Farm Bill Hack, hosted by Food+Tech Connect and Gojee to analyze and spread the word about the crucial piece of legislation that will be making its way through D.C. in the coming months. The bill determines funding for the agriculture industry, and influences which crops farmers produce, their quantities, and their prices. Read More


Wander Mapper Onboards Foursquare Noobs With Neighborhood Guides and Games

Wander Mapper

Dinevore’s Jeremy Fisher won GA’s local hack day this weekend with a nifty service, Wander Mapper, to help foursquare noobs find their footing.

“It’s basically a re-envisioning of the Foursquare new user experience / game mechanics. We use your Foursquare check-ins to build an illustrated map featuring 8 distinct districts (corresponding to the top level Foursquare categories, retsuarants, nightlife etc.). Every district has four levels, each with it’s own art (in other words, a lot of art! 8*4 = 32 custom illustrations, plus all the other art). The point is to level up in each district.” Read More


Luxury Hackathon! Startup Workaway Upgrades Villa, Hires Chefs for 18 Hackers

The Startup Workaway villa.

“So, an update,” writes Nick Tommarello, organizer of the tropical Startup Workaway, the latest twist in the hackathon craze, in which hackers will gather at a vacation house in Costa Rica for 10 days of coding and business development. “We ended up with 120 applicants–quite a lot of work to go through!” Mr. Tommarello, who lives in Boston, said. “We ended up upgrading the villa. I booked a team of chefs to cook up three meals a day. And I’m in the midst of organizing some scuba diving, kayaking, and sloth befriending excursions.” Read More


Seven Art Hacks Emerge from Art and Tech Hackathon


Hackers and artists mashed up web and physical technologies at the Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum on Saturday, building single-day projects that had been planned to varying degrees of detail. “I’m not sure what we will hack on,” game designer Jeri Ellsworth told Betabeat before the event. “I’m gathering up parts, building materials and tools to bring. I hope the airline allows me to check the strange-looking items.” Read More


All Right, Who Wants to Sponsor This: TechStars Alums Launch Hackathon in the Tropics

costa rica house

TechStars alum Nick Tommarello can’t work in the cold, so it only makes sense that he would organize a start-up hackathon on an equatorial beach, right? This morning Mr. Tommarello, along with Nick PlanteGreg BeloteZach Iglis, and “a few others” launched Startup Workaway, a ten-day trip for 20 “developers, designers, engineers, & biz guys” who want to “get stuff done” for eight hours a day in a beautiful house in Costa Rica. Read More