Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Reuters Producer Matthew Keys Indicted for Allegedly Conspiring with Anonymous [UPDATED]


Power-Twitterer and Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys has been indicted by the Justice Department. He stands accused of “conspiring with members of the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ to hack into and alter a Tribune Company website.”

A journalist handing over his ex-employer’s log-in info to Anonymous, combined with the fact that the vandalized “Tribune Company website” happens to have been the homepage of the Los Angeles Times, is so juicy that overworked assistants all over Hollywood are probably cobbling together pitches to turn Keys into the next Bradley Manning.

Before Reuters, Mr. Keys worked as a web producer for the Tribune Company-owned TV station KTXL FOX 40, in California. The DOJ says that in December 2010, after being “terminated” by Fox 40, he: Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Turns Out Being a Chinese Hacker Is Boring and Awful

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Perhaps it’s just the breathless rhetoric everyone uses, but cyber spying sounds exciting. Chinese hackers nosing around New York Times reporters’ emails? That’s the stuff of thrillers! However, the Los Angeles Times discovered a blog kept by a young man once employed as a grunt in China’s hacker army, and it sounds just as bad as the most mind-numbing office job you ever had.

For one thing, you don’t get the usual perks of being a hacker (i.e., the option to work from home pantsless, Cheetos close at hand): Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Malware Has Speed Cameras in Moscow All Effed Up

It's like they're trolling George Orwell. (Photo: screencap, Russia Today)

How’s that brave new world  of connected devices faring so far? It’s going just great if you’re a Russian who drives like a bat out of hell, because some sort of malware infection has got Moscow’s network of speed cameras all screwed up. Welcome to the autobahn, baby!

The report comes from Russia’s Izvestiavia The Register. The city has an extensive system of cameras designed to catch offenders in the act and mail them tickets. It’s supposed to net something like $3.2 million in fines every month, which no doubt buys a whole lot of umbrellas for the meter maids. Read More

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Who Needs Hackers When You’ve Got an Expense Account?

Down with cyber espionage! Love live steakspionage! (Photo:

Recent weeks have brought a string of revelations about high-profile hacks originating in China. The latest: The Washington Post says that just about every think tank and federal agency in D.C. has been infiltrated by hackers trying to get a little insight into how Washington works. “They’re trying to make connections between prominent people who work at think tanks, prominent donors that they’ve heard of and how the government makes decisions,” one expert told the Post.

Well, former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour and his partner-in-lobbying Ed Rogers have a little news for these here foreign computer geeks. Hence their joint op-ed this week in Foreign Policy: “You Can’t Hack a Steakhouse.” Nosiree!  Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Why Stick a Gun in a Teller’s Face When You Can Rob Banks From Your Sofa?

Honestly who needs the bother? (Photo: screencap)

Seems the uptick in cyber crime has some benefit, at least: The Wall Street Journal reports that as criminals discover the beauty of electronic exploits like credit card theft, there’s far less incentive to stroll into a bank, fire off a couple of rounds into the ceiling and demand all the cash you can carry.

Our condolences to anyone who saw Public Enemies and decided  to make his name as a modern-day John Dillinger. We’ll always have Ocean’s Eleven. Read More