Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

This 3D Printed Gun Is Inscribed With the Declaration of Independence

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.28.02 PM

Just about every new technology is married at first to some illicit activity — the Internet and pornography, for example. Or bitcoin and drug dealing. Or Whisper and also drug dealing (only Whisper hasn’t grown out of that one yet). For 3D printing, a technology that has the ability to literally save lives and cure ailments, that darker element is 3D-printed guns.

The newest weapon in the ever-growing arsenal of 3D-printed weaponry is a metal handgun called the Reason. According to, this is the second run of guns in Solid Concepts’ 1911 line of 3D-printed firearms, the first of which ran for nearly $12,000 a pop. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Cops Now Ordering 3D Printers Just to See What They Can Do

Working on it. (Photo: screencap)

Is there anyone, at this point, who doesn’t have a 3D printer lying somewhere around their office? GigaOm reports that cops in Germany are purchasing one, so they can explore for themselves how the technology could be used to create handguns, though if 3D-printed tchotchkes also start showing up on the Cop Selfies Tumblr, well, who can blame them?

GigaOm says: Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

After Avatar Eyeball Assault, James Cameron Is Totally Over 3D Technology

"THAT right there is bad 3D." (JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

Four years ago, a director dropped a steaming, blue, three-dimensional turd worth $1.8 billion, and he called it Avatar. It broke cinematic records like Highest Box Office Gross and Most Eerily Similar to Fern Gully. Because it was 3D, it also gave a lot of people headaches.

But now, director James Cameron is disavowing the use of 3D technology in filmmaking — except for in movies that deserve it, like his. From Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

New York City Council Moves Against 3D-Printed Guns

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The thought of 3D-printed guns flooding the streets of New York is pretty damn alarming. Fortunately, it’s not really a near-future possibility–Defense Distributed has demonstrated it’s technically possible to fabricate a working firearm, but it’s far easier said than done.

Still, members of the city council have decided it’s time to get out in front of the issue, before it gets any more feasible.

Ars Technica reports: Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

At the Command of the State Department, Defense Distributed Pulls Its 3D Printed Gun Blueprints

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Defense Distributed, the Texas-based nonprofit that wants to empower people to 3D print their own guns, has hit a bit of a legal snag. According to founder Cody Wilson, DEFCAD, the open source weapon-printing project powered by Defense Distributed, received a letter (embedded below) from the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Compliance, telling him to remove the blueprints of the Liberator, his 3D printed gun, from the web so that they may be reviewed by the department. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Defense Distributed Dudes Celebrate Their 3D-Printed Death Machine With Ridiculous Video

I swear. (Photo: screencap)

Last week, Defense Distributed announced the development of the world’s first fully 3D-printed gun. You can now download the CAD files and, theoretically, print your own.

Now, the Daily Dot reports, the libertarian upstarts have released a video to mark this historic occasion. And it pretty much confirms what we’ve suspected all along: These guys have watched too goddamn many science fiction movies. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Defense Distributed Says It’s Finally Created the First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun


It’s an anarchist’s wet dream: a gun you can make completely at home, for free. Today Cody Wilson, the crypto-anarchist Wired named “one of the most dangerous people in the world,” announced to Forbes that his company Defense Distributed has created the first fully 3D-printed gun and will release the blueprints after testing is completed so that users can download and create their own. Read More