Great Achievements in Facebook

Great Achievements in Facebook

Facebook Gets Out of Its Own Way With Paper App

woman checks facebook paper in the tub

Facebook is releasing a stripped down, aesthetically pleasing app called Paper. This may be the first time in its history the social network has created an upgrade that doesn’t leave users grumbling.

After all, the social network is really good at giving people anxiety. Scrolling through your feed, you’re apt to slog through exes’ engagements, #WAKEUPAMERICA rants, and a dozen BuzzFeed quizzes before you finally give up and check Twitter.

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Great Achievements in Facebook

Facebook Turns to Artificial Intelligence in an Attempt to Improve Your Brain-Dead News Feed

Is this what AI looks like? (Photo:

A common complaint about Facebook’s News Feed is that it just plain blows. It’s a gunky algorithm that surfaces that most mundane news from exes, people you hated in college and that girl on your Birthright trip who now returns to Israel every single year.

Well, Facebook has heard your entitled gripes, so it’s now using an artificial Read More

Great Achievements in Facebook

Project X Haren: Why One Dutch Teen Will Never Neglect Facebook Settings Again

Movie poster edited for Project X Haren

A Dutch girl posted an invitation to her 16th birthday party on Facebook. She apparently forgot to set it to private–friends and family only.

Somehow her invitation went viral in a distastrous way. Thirty-thousand people showed up, rioted and shut down Haren, a small town over 100 miles from Amsterdam. CBS reports that authorities in Haren knew something was coming, and the city thought it was prepared: Read More

Great Achievements in Facebook

A Hagiography of St. Zuck: Mark Zuckerberg’s Pre-IPO Canonization

Hoodie aficionado Mark Zuckerberg. (Getty)

Is Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie a “mark of immaturity” or his peculiarly Silicon Valley take on the robe and cowl, the garments of a cyber-saint?

Kvetching about the youthful Facebook C.E.O.’s casual approach to business wear when he has achieved huge success before his company even goes public is petty, but a quick survey of some positive pre-IPO coverage of Mr. Zuckerberg induces a bit of queasiness in anyone allergic to obsequiousness or hyperbole.

Two particularly sugary bites, with some added emphasis: Read More