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Google New York

Rolling Out in the East? Google Finally Talks About the Future of Driverless Cars

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Although legislation in most of the 50 states isn’t equipped to regulate robotic self-driven cars, Google is rolling forward with plans to unleash a fleet of driverless cars that can be summoned via smartphone app.

Google finally broke its relative silence on its self-driving car pilot program to reporters over the phone this morning. It was the first time the tech giant answered questions from the press about the modern-day Knight Rider-mobiles. Read More

Google New York

Google Is Upgrading Its New York Offices

Swank. (via

Hey, have you guys heard about this tech talent crunch? Google has, and Mashable reports that lest they lose access to the cream of the crop, the company is swanking up its New York City outpost.

New amenities include a renovated cafeteria featuring “a lounge area and softer seating for employees to hold meetings and relax during lunch,” plus extended hours. Now employees will never, ever need to leave. Ever. Read More

Google New York

City Hikes Google’s Taxes in Chelsea by $3.9 M.

Google's HQ on Eighth Ave. (Photo: File)

Google’s property taxes on its massive $1.8 billion office in Chelsea are about to go up by 17 percent, reports the Wall Street Journal, because the neighborhood’s commercial value has increased as a whole. Ironically, Chelsea’s commercial scene is hoppin’ in large part due to–Google. “Google’s purchase has helped in transforming what had been something of a commercial backwater in Chelsea into a hot zone, boosting the value of the building,” the Journal writes. The value of the building has more than doubled since Google first leased space there in 2006. Google has the right to challenge the assessment. A company spokesman declined to comment to the paper, but we bet someone will be getting a call. “Mike, this is Larry. Wtf.”