Good Job Internet

Good Job Internet

Oxford English Dictionary Deigns to Allow Twitter’s Definition of ‘Tweet’ Into Its Hallowed Tome

Not this Tweet. (Photo:

After the Oxford American Dictionary deemed “GIF” the 2012 word of the year and officially adopted friendzone into its ranks, you’d be forgiven for feeling like they’re starting to cater to the Internet savvy among us. That sneaky suspicion about pandering will probably only get worse with the news that the Oxford English Dictionary has officially amended the definition of the word “tweet” to incorporate its web meaning. Read More

Good Job Internet

Bye Bye Iron: Monopoly Makers Pander to Internet With Introduction of New Cat Token

A life-size version of the new Monopoly token, via the Today Show's Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

Today is a triumphant day for cat lovers everywhere, but especially for those who despise ironing. Hasbro’s Facebook stunt, devilishly proposed to distract us from the fact that Monopoly takes for-freakin-ever, has reached a delightful conclusion. Today reports that the iron token is getting the boot, and will be replaced with a sparkling cat token. Congratulations, Internet! Read More