Going Viral

Going Viral

Media and Tech Companies Are Weirdly Obsessed With This Team Management App

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When we think of something “going viral,” usually the first association is videos of pandas sneezing and clicky BuzzFeed listicles, not office management software. But a program called Slack is sweeping through media and tech companies, mostly because people who leave Hipchat and Gmail to try it out become major converts, and can barely shut up about it.

In only one year, Slack has become the go-to for teams at the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb, HBO, eBay, Gawker Media, Medium, BuzzFeed, PayPal, and dozens of other companies that are just as impressiveRead More

Going Viral

This Video Proves You Shouldn’t Date Someone With ‘a Friend at’

The end is nigh. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Online dating is responsible for a lot of successful, long-term unions–but as this video shows, it can also expedite the implosion process if your relationship is getting wobbly.

In “A Relationship in Five Minutes,” Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn act out your typical hetero match-up in a single, impressive, five-minute take. It starts with the two of them meeting for the first time, then going on their first date. Read More

Going Viral

Viral Video ‘Mass Text’ Is Almost Certainly a Big Prank So Calm Down


Well, here we go again: It seems the Internet has found the latest viral sensation, another Rebecca Black destined to make all of America wish YouTube had never been invented.

Meet Tay Allyn and “Mass Text,” an abomination that’s basically just, “Why didn’t I get your mass text? I’m in your contacts!” over and over and over again. But before anyone gets too bent out of shape about the state of pop music in 2k13, we’ll bet dollars to donuts this is one big gimmicky joke: Read More

Going Viral

Rick Perry’s Office Says Viral Photo of Him Playing Guitar Hero Is Real (But From 3 Years Ago)

(Photo: Tumblr)

A photo was posted to Tumblr today showing former Presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry shredding some sweet tunes on a Guitar Hero game guitar. “My friend lives next door to Rick Perry and invited him over for a Guitar Hero battle,” read the post. Betabeat was skeptical. Governor Perry’s hand looked like it was at a weird angle, and his face appeared to be a different shade than his neck. Read More

Going Viral

If You’re Blocked From the Internet Monday, It’s All This Estonian Crime Ring’s Fault

FBI agents look like Tom Cruise like. (Photo: IMDB)

On July 9th, hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe will be blocked from the Internet. It’s the final phase of Operation Ghost Click, an FBI investigation into the DNSChanger virus.

Last year, the agency and other international authorities apprehended a crime ring of six Estonian hackers who built a complex system of false DNS servers. The customized virus, reports CBC, was spread through “infected emails, bad websites, and malware scripts,” and affected nearly 650,000 computers around the globe. Read More