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Kids Become Psychos When They Bite Chunks Out of Food, Science Says

Kids being k-k-kraaaazy (Wikimedia Commons)

Sometimes, when there’s nothing on TV and all its friends are busy, Science gets really bored and comes up with experiments like this: do kids act more aggressively when they bite chunks out of their food with their front teeth, or when their food is cut up?

Apparently, kids who use their teeth to tear off bites of food tend to behave twice as aggressively as those who eat food cut up with a knife and fork, the Daily Mail reports. Read More

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Food Inventor Creates Viagra Ice Cream

Dig in. (Wikimedia Commons)

If you thought chocolate covered strawberries and oysters were aphrodisiacs, wait until you’ve tried Viagra ice cream.

After bringing us roast beef, horseradish and glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream, food inventor Charlie Harry Francis of the Lick Me I’m Delicious blog decided to take the gelato game to the next level, the Latin Times reported.

On his blog, Mr. Francis describes creating a champagne-flavored, Viagra-laced ice cream upon a special request from an anonymous A-list celebrity. Read More

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Bill Nye to Debate Founder of Creationist Museum

Bill Nye at a DWTS wrap party because sure why not. (Photo: Getty)

The founder of Kentucky’s Creation Museum has challenged Bill Nye to a battle of the wits. And, lucky for everyone, the inspiration for everyone’s favorite parody Twitter account accepted.

It all stems from a video Mr. Nye posted last year, Dangerous Minds reports. In it, the scientist posited that, hey, maybe we should tell kids about evolution in schools instead of pushing religious doctrine? Read More

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Scientists Are 3D Printing Poop Now–You Know, For Science

So lifelike.

We’ve been wondering what 3D printers can really be used for aside from manufacturing hairless Troll dolls and illegal guns. Lo and behold, the answer is full scale replicas of poop–special eff-excrements, if you will.

In researching this story, Betabeat learned of a whole new world of poop categorization known as the Bristol Stool Form Scale, or BSFS, via Discover Mag. It’s a measurement system for figuring out how long your doo doo has been traveling through your intestines. It involves looking at one’s waste and describing it with a range of verbal descriptors named after food, like “sausage” and “chicken nuggets.” Appetizing. Read More

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Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented


Sometimes when you’re enjoying a nice cold one, the only logical thought is, “I wish this would congeal so I could put it on toast, maybe with a mild soft cheese.”

Well, a couple of saintly Italians have combined their magical powers of making chocolate and making beer, creating a thick paste that is both beer and chocolate and for some terrible reason did not exist until now. Read More

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Your Addiction to Facebook Is All Your Brain’s Fault

Lock it up. (Photo: Smedio)

Blame your constant craving of likes, shares and comments on the thirsty section of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.

German scientists discovered that the appetite for improving your reputation on Facebook and how you use the social networking site is linked to a reward center in the brain — the same section that also craves more desirable things like booze, sex and financial gain. Read More