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‘Sexy’ TurtleCell iPhone Case Comes With Retractable Earbuds

Check out that retractability. (TurtleCell)

TurtleCell, a new protective iPhone case containing retractable earbuds, will be available for pre-order starting next Tuesday, the company has announced.

The product, which debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, allows users to extend the earbuds to their desired length, and then click a button to retract them when they’re finished listening — no unplugging or coiling involved. Read More

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Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’ Forces You to Drunkenly Facebook Friend Strangers

Buddy Cup. (Photo: YouTube)

In the olden times, clinking your beers together with a stranger was a sign of celebration—a mutual agreement that things were about to get weird. The fact that you’d never have to see them again or explain why you puked down the front of your shirt was a significant part of the appeal. Now, Budweiser is about to destroy that sacred experience with the introduction of the Buddy Cup. Read More

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Just Say ‘Pop’ and this Gadget Lobs a Piece of Popcorn At Your Mouth

(Photo: Popcorn Indiana)

Popcorn is delicious. Sometimes it gets stuck in your teeth and sometimes it leaves your fingers salty and soaked in butter, but overall it is a delicious food and if you don’t think so the door is over there: GOOD DAY, SIR. But that whole messy fingers thing does definitely deplete some of the pleasure of eating such a lovely snack. So rejoice! Popcorn just got disrupted, y’all. Read More

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French Guy Builds What Basically Amounts to a Bong for Food

Duuuuude. (Photo:, Paul Cooper)

Sometimes, particularly as pangs of hunger creep up on you just before bed, you want a little snack without worrying where on your hips said food will take its revenge. It’s normal, really. Human.

But sometimes, well–sometimes you want to inhale a steam of boiled food ingredients through a cauldron-like futuristic device. Luckily, a French scientist is here to sate your utmost desires. David Edwards, a professor at Harvard, has created what one Redditor called “a food bong.” Read More