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People Will Think Less of You When You Show Them Your BlackBerry Z10

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In 2006, I came to college and I had a flip phone, which did not make me feel inadequate because in 2006, almost every other college student had a flip phone, except this one kid in my French class who was very tall and thin and an American Apparel model.

His father founded a major American novelty restaurant chain, and he brought his skateboard into class every day (he skateboarded to class), and he was the first person to make me feel inadequate for having a flip phone (actually not the first to make me feel inadequate about not being able to skateboard), even though he was really friendly to me.

He had a BlackBerry 8700c, and I thought, like, “Why would a freshman in college need a cell phone that costs like $86/month? He must be important,” because the only other person I knew who had a BlackBerry was my ex-girlfriend’s dad who worked for Citibank (also important). Read More

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We Tried Out Necomimi’s Brainwave-Reading Cat Ears and They Freaked Out All of Our Coworkers

This reporter as robotic cat.

“What isĀ that?” exclaimed The Observer‘s managing editor as he passed by this reporter’s desk and spotted an opened box that displayed a woman’s face looking rather coy in a bizarre gadget. The box was for a set of cat ears that read and interpret your brainwaves, and they were all the rage at Comic-Con. We read so much about them that we asked their distributor, Nuerosky, if they’d be kind enough to send us a test pair. The ears arrived today in all of their glory, immediately horrifying/fascinating/annoying our coworkers. Read More

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With iPhone Theft on the Rise, Protect Your Bubble’s Gadget Insurance Hopes to Break Into New York

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The last time Betabeat got mugged (8pm in the West Village by a couple of jerkoff hipsters!), smartphones hadn’t really been invented yet. Or maybe they had, but we didn’t have enough disposable income to buy one. If we lost our iPhone today, however, we would be be, in a word: screwed. Not that we’re doing anything about it. Despite ample warnings about the bike thieves of Brooklyn and subway iPhone pilferers, we pretty much walk around with it in our hands all the time. In short, except for our stingy streak, we’re probably Protect Your Bubble‘s ideal customer. Read More