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Your Old Pal Fred Durst Got a Summer Job Directing eHarmony Commercials

Oh, there you are. Hi, Fred. (Photo via Getty)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Limp Bizkit is probably more on the Mike’s-Hard-Lemonade-fueled-gross-high-school-hookup end of the relationship spectrum, rather than the respectable-online-date side.

But that hasn’t stopped eHarmony from recruiting former Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst to help them rebrand. Mr. Durst (it feels funny writing that) has directed three commercials for the online dating also-ran, the Daily Dot reports.

eHarmony is most popular with 25-to-40-year-olds, and they’re banking on Mr. Durst to bring in the under-25s, the Dot says. We’re not sure people under 25 have even heard of Limp Bizkit, per se, but whatever. Read More

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SaveUp App Adds Quizzes to Help You Gamble Your Way Out of Debt

SaveUp's home screen.

This is going to sound like an infomercial or a spammy email from a fake Nigerian prince, but bear with us. This is an actual app that works.

SaveUp lets you gamble for huge cash prizes without spending any of your own money. The only way you can play, though, is to build good financial habits. Link SaveUp to your bank accounts, and every time you deposit money in your savings account or pay down a debt, you’ll receive credits. Using those credits, you can play games of chance on your phone and compete to win prizes like a $50,000 student loan payment, a $25,000 trip to Paris for two, or the jackpot of $2 million. Read More

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How to Talk Your Boss Into Your Next Raise: Here Are the NYC Startups With the Highest Average Salaries

(Photo: AngelList)

AngelList, the Facebook for startups, just did NYC job seekers in the tech sector a major solid. Today the company released a graphical breakdown of the average salaries of tech companies, drawn from data collected through its jobs portal, which helps match startups with prospective talent. The information is quite revealing, and much more detailed than what you’d find on a site like GlassDoor. Read More

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Being Rich Is Kind of the Pits, Claims Man Who Never Has to Worry About Money


Good news, everyone. Quora, the Q&A site where tech types go to talk about their feelings, has finally addressed the all-American experience that is accumulating a great big pile of filthy lucre. The answer, it turns out, might surprise you.

Someone posed the question, “Is Getting Rich Worth It?” And one answer in particular is currently bubbling up on tech blogs and Twitter. Rather than simply replying “duh, of course,” and burning Lambo rubber into the Palo Alto twilight for a delightful night of strippers and cocaine, an anonymous user took the time to get introspective, confessing that “sometimes I think wealth is really a burden,” adding that “A slower path to wealth might be a lot healthier to my career and to my life in general.”

Pray tell! Read More