Dot-Com Daze At The ER Accelerator Happy Hour


“Foursqure, foursquare, foursquare,” declared Volker Detering, founder and president of EventMe! “If I never hear about the company again it will be too soon.”

Pausing, he reconsidered. “Ok, Dennis is a nice guy, and very smart, but I can’t stand to see another photo of him at a party. That’s not tech.” Read More


Betabeat Had a Party

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Start-up kids are all about the love

Thanks to all the folks who stopped by the Thompson LES last night. We scored some serious points for our check -n with the mayor and a swarm of VIPs. Dennis Crowley stopped by and regaled us with tales of his days as a lowely product guy at Vindigo, a location based service from a decade ago. Betabeat only caught word of some of the deals that got done last night, so if we missed something while out on the balcony, be sure to ping us for the rumor roundup. Read More