Gaming the System

Gaming the System

Does The Future Of Ebooks Look Like Farmville?

The Future of Literature?

Obviously, regular old ebooks have arrived and they’re not going anywhere. Amazon now sells more Kindle books than print; ebook sales are the fastest-growing in the business. But now that readers have embraced the digital, here comes the next wave, says Wired: “enhanced ebooks,” which incorporate video and interactive elements. That’s all well and good, until someone starts throwing around the term “literary Farmville.” Read More

Gaming the System

Zynga’s Stock Clawbacks Highlight The Google Chef and The Startup Everyman

We're all in this together...until we're not

The big news yesterday was a piece in the Wall Street Journal which reported that Zynga was demanding stock back from early employees in the run up to their public offering. Employees were being threatened with termination for refusing to rescind their equity.

The WSJ story stated that Zynga executives said they didn’t want a “Google chef” situation, referring to a cook who joined the search engine early on and had $20 million in stock after the IPO. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus released a memo later in the day which found its way into the hands of Fortune’s Dan Primack, that gave credence to this: Read More