The USB Typewriter Will Make You The Most Annoying Writer at the Coffee Shop [Video]

Really pretty awesome. (Jack Zylkin/Etsy)

We’re joking, of course, because the truth is engineer Jack Zylkin has done something very cool in marrying old tech with new in his USB Typewriter. Mr. Zylkin, 25, happened to find an old typewriter on the curb and couldn’t resist messing with it. He took it to his Philadelphia hackerspace, Hive76, and got to work.

The end result is, as Mr. Zylkin says in an Etsy’s blog post about his creation, “a groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence,” and to anyone who ever used a typewriter, oddly heartwarming and nostalgic: Read More


Chromebook on Sale Early at Gilt

chromobook samsung

The world’s first Google netbook goes on sale on June 15. Well actually, it’s available on (in the “men” category) today. The Samsung Chromebook 3G isn’t discounted at $499, which is still a lot for a netbook that only runs an experimental operating system with a weird browser-based interface. But the machine does weigh only 3.3 lbs and the battery supposedly lasts more than eight hours. “With your order from Gilt, you’ll also receive a limited edition, custom-fit Chrome sleeve designed by Rickshaw.” It comes in “arctic white.”┬áThe model includes up to 100MB per month of Verizon 3G service for 2 years. The early sale ends at 9 a.m. on June 3.