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Engadget Show Returns After a Month, Readers Say ‘Meh’

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A few months ago, Engadget editor Josh Topolsky jumped off the AOL ship for destinations unknown. He ended up taking at least five other employees with him, leaving the AOL-owned Engadget an empty corporate-ruled corpse.

One of the casualties was the much-beloved Engadget Show, created and soundtracked by Mr. Topolsky and filmed in New York. But after a month-long hiatus, AOL is bringing the Engadget Show back next week, valiantly hosted by Tim Stevens and Brian Heater. The general feeling in the comments section on Engadget was not positive.

“You should¬†probably¬†slumber a bit longer, I was thinking when you get a host that does not put me to sleep faster then my sleeping pills,” one person wrote. “I hope this edition is a fantastic re-edit of our favorite Josh Topolsky moments!” said another. Read More