Fun with Stats

Fun with Stats

Even Nate Silver Can’t Predict When a Deadspin Commenter Will Get Laid

This comes up when you Google "Nate Silver baller." (Photo: Mashable)

Statistical genius and maybe-witch Nate Silver popped by Gawker Media’s sports site, Deadspin, today for a little Q&A session. Mr. Silver answered some interesting questions that have been bouncing around the web ever since his mic drop moment, wherein he accurately predicted the electoral outcome of all 50 states.

Mr. Silver wrote that he does plan to make predictions for the elections in 2014 and 2016, and that being suddenly famous is “Completely terrifying. Still, file under ‘Good Problems to Have.'” Read More

Fun with Stats

Airbnb Sees Huge Influx of Visitors to NYC Over Labor Day Weekend

(Photo: Airbnb)

It seems that the fall switch has finally been flipped. The nights now carry a distinctive chill, the humidity dissipating. Over Labor Day weekend, tons of tourists from all over the globe flocked to New York for summer’s last hurrah. But many of them didn’t stay in traditional hotels–thousands opted instead for Airbnb rentals.

Here are some stats Airbnb shared with Betabeat. They give us a pretty interesting glimpse into the San Francisco-based company’s New York landscape and provide some insight into what holiday weekends look like for Airbnb. Also, turns out a lot of tourists aren’t afraid to stay in the outer boroughs. Read More