Fun with Data

Fun with Data

The Floodwatch Plug-In Exposes Exactly How Advertisers Are Profiling You

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Ever gone looking for a certain pair of shoes — just once even — and had some banner ad follow you to every site you visit for a month trying to sell you those loafers? Or maybe you’ve accidentally stumbled into someone’s Pinterest board for five seconds and been pushed for a week to shop for chapel-length wedding veils and event florists? That’s because advertisers are using everything they can learn about you to sell to who they think you are based on your browsing habits.

A new browser extension called Floodwatch scrubs up all of those ads that you’re shown throughout the day and builds a profile of how you’re being advertised to. The project is a collaboration between a data firm called The Office for Creative Research (OCR) and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ashkan Soltani. Read More

Fun with Data

The Top Free Wifi Hot Spots In Manhattan By Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Outdoor Locale, and Noise Level [INFOGRAPHIC]


Did you know that the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry Business library in Murray Hill is the quietest spot for fast Wifi in New York City? Did you know that the NYPL even had a Science, Industry, and Business library? (Hence the quiet, we guess.) What about the fact that Kaffe 1668 in Tribeca has better Wifi than its East Village competitors, Ost Cafe and Blue Spoon Coffee?

Well, stop groping for Wifi in the dark! Read More