Fun With Bitcoins

Fun With Bitcoins

‘Tits For Bitcoin’: Webcams and Cryptocurrency Are a Match Made in Heaven

(Screengrab via

We know you can use bitcoin to buy booze and breast implants, and you used to be able to use it for drugs. But the three-month-old site Tits For Bitcoin (yup), which lets you trade cryptocurrency for webcam models, is a new one. Too much bitcoin, not enough things to spend it on — apparently, the site’s founder tells us, that’s a problem people have.

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Fun With Bitcoins

A Fertility Clinic Is Accepting Bitcoins and Spawning So-Called ‘Bitcoin Babies’

Bitcoin bb! (Photo: Dr. Lee)

We incorrectly assumed that we’ve hit peak baby trend stories following the Times piece a few months ago about parents letting their little angels take diaperless poops, because there’s something worse in buzzy profiles: introducing the “Bitcoin baby.”

The Telegraph reports a California couple used the decentralized digital currency to receive a fifty percent discount on their fertility treatment in what appears to be another blow to Groupon. The baby, born late last year, is a girl, despite the fact that “everybody thinks it’s a boy,” said fertility specialist Dr. C Terence Lee. Read More

Fun With Bitcoins

Silk Road, Secret Website Where You Can Buy Drugs, Is Hiring

Drugs, or not drugs? (

No publicity is bad publicity: Silk Road, the illicit online marketplace that came to light after Gawker’s Adrian Chen announced you could buy any drug imaginable there with Bitcoins, has been booming after increased awareness due to a rash of alarmist press coverage.

Drugs! Anonymous currencies! Hackers! Our children! But gradually Silk Road, and to a lesser degree Bitcoin, faded from the stage, largely because most people couldn’t understand how to use them. Silk Road can only be accessed using the anonymous network Tor, and you should probably know a thing or two about encryption before you buy anything.  Read More