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Japanese Inventor Creates Drone-Powered Quidditch Snitch

Yer a wizard, Harry. (Photo via

Dust off your Gryffindor cloak, because real-life Quidditch is one step closer to being a reality.

A Japanese inventor has created the Hoverball, a device that comes about as close to being a Golden Snitch as human technology possibly can. It’s a quadcopter wrapped in ball-shaped wiring, capable of floating, swerving and spinning. It’s technically a drone, so this is one more point for the “benign drone use” team (which doesn’t really stand a chance against drone abusers). Read More

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I Just Answered a Google Opinion Survey


Google wants to know what Betabeat thinks! I just got a call from IPSOS, “an international research company,” who said I was on a list of 200 or so CEOs, executives, editors, reporters, congressmen, and other important people who Google selected for a 15-minute survey about what we think of Google, YouTube, and Facebook. BOOYAH.

Self-congratulations aside, I figured answering the survey would give some insight into newly re-appointed CEO Larry Page’s hopes, dreams and insecurities. Read More

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Moot Pitch! Real Start-Ups Sign Fake Term Sheets with Fake VCs

Quartzy psuedo pitches an SLP fellow.

Betabeat’s curiosity was peaked when we heard this weekend that that five gen-u-ine New York start-ups had spent their Saturday pitching fake VCs. It turned out to be an exercise at the inaugural New York class of Startup Leadership Program, a mentoring program for start-up founders from across disciplines. The start-ups pitched fake VCs, negotiated fake term sheets, and then the fake VCs presented the fake term sheets to fake limited partners, which included one real VC. Got it? Read More