New Site Helps Couples Befriend Other Couples, Swears It’s Not for Swingers

Don't you wish you were having as much fun as those people? (Facebook)

Are you one of those couples who, now that you live in the suburbs and shop at Whole Foods, can’t bear to spend time with your wild, aimless single friends? Are you in need of more friends who share your passion for minivans and Traditional Home magazine?

CoupleHang is a new service that works kind of like dating site, except it’s for couples in need of other couple-friends. The site’s currently in beta testing, but will publicly launch on Dec. 31 so you can kick off 2015 with a slew of awkward double dates.  Read More


Entrepreneurs Shack Up and It’s Basically Animal House With Less Beer, More Pitch Decks

Artist's rendering. (Photo:

What happens when a scruffy bunch of startup scamps move into a posh neighborhood? Why, hijinks ensue, naturally.

See, San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood has something called “Billionaire’s Row,” where tech elites like Larry Ellison live. However, Businessweek reports that there is one mansion inhabited by an unusual crop of folks: not merely rentors, but entrepreneurs in their 30s, working on startup ideas. Nature took its course: Read More