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Wow, Those Sure Are a Lot of Ads Next to My Face on Facebook

Nitasha Tiku likes daytime drinking in the summer.

In the past few days, Facebook users may have noticed a big change in the format of ads tacked onto their personal photos. We first caught glimpse of it next to photos of a colleague and her adorable baby baby whose sweet face was suddenly juxtaposed next to a sponsored post about VOD distribution. Startin’ ‘em off early!

While the new photo viewer, which moves comments and ads from below the photo to a more prominent placement on the side, started showing up earlier this month, this week Facebook began implementing the Google+-esque format more heavily. Ads tend to show up—and how!—next to photos without many comments. Read More

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Day After Facebook IPO, Appears to Be Having Some Problems [Updated]

A tipster wrote into Betabeat this afternoon to complain about not being able to get into the social network. You know the one? With a valuation in the the neighborhood of a $100 billion and a fancy new IPO filing? “Facebook is so slammed with traffic it’s basically nonfunctional #ipoday,” the source kvetched, adding, “It’s taking forever to load and won’t like, work. search etc.” In the past twenty minutes, Betabeat has failed to even log on to Facebook three times, before finally getting through. A quick search for “Facebook slow” on Twitter reveals we’re not the only ones: Read More

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Facebook Graffiti Artist May Be Worth $200 M, Is Pals With Porn Star Sasha Grey [VIDEO]


Charlie Ayers, better known as the “Google Chef,” is a popular reference point in IPO chatter because his stock options earned him a life-changing $26 million. Well, the New York Times has just uncovered the Facebook equivalent: graffiti artist David Choe.

Yes, the same David Choe who covered the office of Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office with erotic art. In fact, noted art appreciator Sean Parker encouraged Mr. Choe to “go crazy and draw as many giant ‘cocks’ as Choe wanted.”

Shares owned by the artist could be worth “upwards of $200 million” when Facebook goes public, based on the company’s $75 billion to $100 billion valuation. That could be more than Damien Hirst’s record-holding $200.7 million Sotheby’s auction in 2008. Read More

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Facebook’s ‘Hacker Way’ Makes It Into the IPO Filing


Facebook still loves its devs! The company’s VP of engineering, Mike Schroepfer, is the third highest compensated employee, making $300,000 along with COO Sheryl Sandberg (half a mil is cool for Zuck). And Facebook gave a shoutout to its hacker culture in today’s S-1 filing, a preliminary prospectus for investors and the first major filing in its IPO. The first time a definition of “hacking” has been filed with the SEC? Seems likely.

“We value our ‘hacker culture,’ which we define as a work environment that rewards creative problem solving and rapid decision making,” Mark Zuckerberg writes in a lofty letter included in the filing.

He details Facebook’s “Hacker Way,” which goes for all you non-technical employees, too: Focus on Impact, Be Bold, Move Fast, Be Open and Build Social Value. Read More

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Dear Frothing Investors: In Personal Note, Mark Zuckerberg Compares Facebook to Printing Press, Basically

Mark Zuckerberg opted to go the Groupon route with a personal note to would-be shareholders. As Facebook’s S-1 filing reveals, Mr. Zuckerberg controls the company, pretty much. So before you stop paying student loans and give up dinner to try to buy Facebook stock, you might want to take a gander. As you might have expected, the word “privacy” never comes up. Read More

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Allen & Company Was the Only Facebook Underwriter Reporters Couldn’t Figure Out

Mr. Allen. (Ted Thai / Getty Images)

Facebook’s S-1 filing is out, and almost all the early reports were true. The company has reserved the ticker symbol FB, although it has not announced on which exchange it will debut; the working number is $5 billion and the lead underwriter is Morgan Stanley.

Reporters were also able to sniff out four other banks working on the IPO: J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Barclay’s Capital. But one underwriter slipped through: the boutique New York-based investment bank Allen & Company, which puts on the annual Sun Valley conference that regularly attracts billionaires and media mogulsRead More

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We Read Facebook’s S-1 Filing So You Don’t Have To

Mr. Breyer.


Voting rights:

Mark Zuckerberg has 28.2 percent voting power, pre-IPO based on personal shares: 28.4 percent of class B shares. But that’s not all. “As a result of voting agreements with certain stockholders, together with the shares he holds, Mark Zuckerberg, our founder, Chairman, and CEO, will be able to exercise voting rights with respect to an aggregate of shares of common stock, representing a majority of the voting power of our outstanding capital stock following our initial public offering.” Altogether, that gives him majority control with 57 percent voting rights. Read More

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Zynga: Investors Only Really Have Two Things to Worry About With Facebook


Zynga mentioned Facebook 204 times in its S-1 filing. Zynga’s fortune is Facebook’s fortune, so we wondered, what keeps the game maker up at night? Zynga had plenty of concerns about its dependency on Facebook: terms of service changes, changes to the credits policy, changes to the way it can communicate with Facebook users, and fear of being booted from the platform.

Of course, the ultimate worst case scenario: Zynga fails if Facebook fails.

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Facebook’s IPO: What We Know So Far [UPDATED]

Facebook is expected to make its first filing for its IPO today, according to news reports, and details are starting to leak out. If you believe the papers, here’s what we know now. This post will be updated until the filing.

10:36 a.m. Kara Swisher says Facebook won’t file anything until after trading closes. They might file something earlier! But probably not!


“Facebook is expected to file to raise US$5bn in a preliminary IPO prospectus on Wednesday morning, which while less than anticipated could be increased to satisfy ultimate investor demand”

“the company has been unusually guarded about the process for selecting banks involved in the underwriting syndicate” Read More