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Meet Blackphone, A Highly Secure Device Perfect For Paranoid Sext Fiends

Blackphone on a black background, sure. (Photo: Blackphone)

It’s no Lumia, but this sounds impressive: A Madrid-based communications firm said it has created the first fully secure and encrypted smartphone that lets users send and receive calls (and texts) without being vulnerable to hackers or snoopers.

Dubbed the Blackphone, its sleek all-black case and touchscreen makes it look like it fell out of the pocket of James Bond’s blazer. The Android-based device uses an operating system named PrivatOS that promises highly secure privacy protection that would make the NSA wince. The yet-to-be-priced phone can transfer encrypted files and features a video chat option. Read More

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You Now Have the Option of Rendering Your Windows Phone Even More Useless, With ‘Driving Mode’

Why black? (Photo: Microsoft)

Without texting or snapping, operating a motor vehicle down a highway at 70 miles per hour is pretty boring. What else is there to do aside from be on your phone? Well, the brain trust at Microsoft believes that you should pay attention to the road, so in all three dozen of its Windows phones sold, it’s installing a feature that turns off all the useful parts of your phone. Read More

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We Also Watched a Live-Blog of Apple’s iPhone Announcement

Ruined everything. (Photo: Apple)

Today, large tech company Apple held a routine announcement about two new models of the iPhone.

It’s the highest of holidays for those who are fed up with their cracked iPhones, sick of their Android-powered candy bars and the four people who bought the Nokia Lumia. And, similar to attending temple, it ate up entirely too much of our day and we felt super sleepy afterwards.

At least we got some fancy new iPhones out of it.  But since our contract isn’t up for another 16 months, we’re excited to play around with it at the Apple store some day after work while waiting for it to stop raining. Read More