Free Things

Free Things

Yawning Travelers Receive Free Coffee Thanks to the Magic of Facial Recognition Software

coffee vending machine

Only boring people are bored. But sometimes it’s okay to be a boring person, because it might get you an automatic cup of joe thanks to this fancy new coffee maker, provided you yawn in its face.

The vending machine is a branded publicity stunt, as most free drink dispensers historically have been. It’s part of Dutch company Douwe Egberts’ “Bye Bye Red Eye” campaign. Read More

Free Things

Never Speak to a Super Market Employee Again with This ‘Freeosk’ Free Sample Dispenser

Welcoming. (Photo: Freeosk,

It’s always great when food stores give out free samples. But sometimes, when we’re perusing Sam’s Club on a Sunday afternoon trying to fit as many free pigs-in-a-blanket as possible inside our mouths at once, we can’t help but think, “God damn, where is all the data behind this? And why did I just have to look into the face of another human to get this food?” Read More

Free Things

Good Thing We’re Tech Bloggers, Or We’d Never Have Noticed The Free Payphone Wifi


Yesterday, New York City rolled out a program turning increasingly useless old payphones into free Wifi hotspots. The coverage has been positive, as one might expect: What’s not to like about free Wifi?

But we do have one complaint: If we weren’t tech bloggers, we probably wouldn’t have noticed that this particular payphone was anything out of the ordinary.  Read More