Free PR Lessons

Free PR Lessons

Today’s Lesson in Tech PR: Do Not CC Every Tech Reporter; We’re Not Nice

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Updated below with a masterful response from

A couple of hours ago, we got off the phone with Robert Adams, Chief Operations Officer at The conversation went something like this:

“Mr. Adams, so great that we got ahold of you,” we said. “Don’t suppose you’ve checked your email?”

“Nope, not yet,” he said.

“Ah. You are going to want to… jump in soon,” we said. “Maybe.” Read More

Free PR Lessons

Now Is the Time to Tweet Your Start-Up at David Pogue


“Apparently, I’m the most influential tech journalist (and tweeter). Hmmm. What shall I influence today?,” the New York Times gadget reviewer tweeted in response to a study by PRSourceCode, a company that services tech public relations professionals (yes, you read that right), which identified Mr. Pogue as the “most influential tech journalist” and “most influential tech tweeter.”

His attentive Twttr following started responding immediately. “You should influence people to stop wearing socks with sandals,” “is there a way for you to influence my salary? Positively?” and Mr. Pogue, whose recent domestic abuse arrest rekindled old accusations that the man is an “insidious shill” for Apple and new accusations that his tech publicist girlfriend represents a conflict of interest, is retweeting it all.

Stop wearing socks with sandals? That’s like wasting your genie’s wish on a glass of lemonade! We don’t know what you entreprenuers are waiting for. What would PRSourceCode do? Tell Mr. Pogue to influence people to download your fucking iPhone app, S.T.A.T.

Alternatively, you could tell him to influence people not to throw things at their spouses.