Foursquare Signs With Hollywood Talent Agency to Get More Celebs Checking In

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Foursquare wants to get more celebrities, musicians, and other entertainment brands onto its platform, as evidenced by a somewhat surprising announcement yesterday. New York’s king check-in startup has hired the Hollywood talent and literary agency United Talent Agency to “advise the start-up on business development and partnerships in the entertainment and media sector” as part of Foursquare’s “overall user acquisition strategy,” according to a press release. Read More


Foursquare’s C.E.O. Talks Magically Recycled Data at Mobile World Congress

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Foursquare says recycling your data is good for you. Because when others use information published on Foursquare to find new destinations, that’s what C.E.O. Dennis Crowley calls it: “recycling.”

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mr. Crowley gave his whimsical take on how Foursquare users can benefit from using the app. He said Foursquare enables the user “to cut through the data stream in a way that no one has done before” and Foursquare’s “Explore” service helps the app’s 15 million users and 750,000 merchants who have signed on so far form “a big community.” Read More


Mayor of the ‘Mart! Foursquare Improves Brand Pages for Chains

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Foursquare is big in New York, San Francisco, and Japan. But will it play in Peoria? A new feature suggests the check-in startup is attempting to win the hearts of the Pinterest crowd. Foursquare just rolled out a change to brand pages last night that makes it easier for venues, merchants and brands with multiple locations to connect all their franchises together, reports Foursquare historian Chris Thompson over at About Foursquare. Read More


Top Foursquare Venues in New York: Penn Station, Ace Hotel, Brooklyn Bowl and Uniqlo

The Wall Street Journal crunched a lot of Foursquare data this morning and produced this awesome feature about check-ins from Friday, Jan. 21 to Friday, Jan. 28. Most popular venues in New York City? Transit hubs and apocalyptic weather events. Penn Station, JFK, Grand Central and Port Authority are all in the top ten. Tourist spots–Times Square, the Met–also scored high, as did deluxe grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, hipster night spots like Brooklyn Bowl and Webster Hall, a few gyms, Macy’s, Uniqlo, Bryant Park but not Central Park, and the Apple Store. The offices with the most check-ins? Viacom/MTV and behemoth ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.


Foursquare Would Beat Groupon for Specials If Only They Had More Users

Maybe there's a business model in here somewhere! (Photo:

Mashable has a guide up today that shows the process for offering discounts through the service–it’s easy, automated, and gives businesses lots of options. The best part: It’s still free for businesses to use Foursquare to offer specials to new and returning customers, an obvious advantage over Groupon’s 50 percent take. The worst: Compared to Groupon’s 50 million+ users, not that many people use Foursquare–even in the start-up’s native New York City. Last we’d heard, the service had around seven million users, a third of which were outside the U.S. Read More


Dennis Crowley: Dodgeball Went to Google Because No One Wanted to Invest


Dennis Crowley answered a Quora question from a San Francisco user on Monday that starkly shows how charged the fundraising climate is right now versus just a few years ago. “I know the press is usually interested in the cost paid for Dodgeball by Google,” user Kay Patel asked. “But I am interested in knowing why you sold it? Is it because it was a different time when apps on phones weren’t a big thing?” Read More


Saturday is Foursquare Day

Now therefore, I, Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York and the aspiring ‘Mayor’ of City Hall, in recognition of this exciting event, do hereby proclaim Saturday, April 16th, 2011 in the City of New York as: ‘Foursquare Day'” — “Exciting” doesn’t begin to describe it, Mr. Mayor. Read More


Foursquare Founder and Family Check into Feud

The Crowley Family

Dennis Crowley has sold a company to Google and been crowned on the cover of Wired magazine. But, as he told a session at a SXSW, his proudest moment was his family’s 2009 appearance on Family Feud. The Crowley family won the bonus round once and the show three times, so Read More


Foursquare’s No. 1 Fan


Chris Thompson lives in Cinncinati, where he is mayor of a Chipotle and visited Dunkin’ Donuts at least 116 times in the last year. Mr. Thompson writes the About Foursquare blog, a website devoted to full coverage of Foursquare’s growth, apps, new badges and feature changes. He updates multiple times daily.

“The Read More