Foursquare Be Hustlin'

Foursquare Be Hustlin'

Foursquare Hires Ad Man As Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Rosenblatt. (

Go back to your lives, citizens! The markets are now closed, and so we can all quit talking about Facebook for at least a couple of hours. Instead, let’s turn our attention back to another white-hot one-day IPO candidate attempting to monetize: Foursquare.

Ad Age reports that, on the heels of that paid media platform and those personalized coupons, the company has hired Steven Rosenblatt (already a consultant) as chief revenue officer. Previously he was director of ad sales and strategy at iAd and before that, SVP ad sales at Quattro Wireless, which pretty much cements our expectations, monetization-wise.  Read More

Foursquare Be Hustlin'

Foursquare Moves In On Foodspotting with ‘Foodie Walk’

Food porn social network Foodspotting has arguably been threatened by Foursquare ever since the latter added photos to its check-ins. Dennis Crowley and Foodspotting co-founder Alexa Andrzejewski, “The king and queen of location-based services,” as nerd blogger Robert Scoble put it, have been on cautiously friendly terms.

But now Foursquare is making a blatant move into Foodspotting territory with a foodie walking tour for media “where we’ll discuss how Foursquare can help you share your expertise on local restaurant favorites, cheap eats, happy hour deals, and more,” according to a publicity rep. Read More