For Realz?

For Realz?

Facebook Says Surge In Random Gore Porn Is Coordinated Spam Attack

Don't Look At Me

Where do you go from a headline like that. Seriously, my career as a tech blogger really feels like it was all leading up to writing something so simultaneously shocking and banal.

If you haven’t been among the lucky ones (Betabeat demands to know why we were overlooked), Facebook users have been complaining that horrific, violent pornography has been appearing their feeds. With the new timeline feature just released, users were understandably confused about where this imagery was coming from. Repressed memories, perhaps? “I noticed Facebook porn in my friend feed. New feature? No. A Facebook ‘virus’ shows hardcore porn and violent,” tweeted Christopher Justice, a CEO of an Austin-based online design firm.

Mr. Justice deserves justice, and Facebook is going to give it to him. ZDNET’s “Friending Facebook” blog updated their story this afternoon with the social network’s response. “Facebook has revealed the huge flood of links, videos, and images depicting pornography, acts of violence, self-mutilation, and bestiality, on the site is the result of a coordinated spam attack. Read More