Foodie Frenzy

Foodie Frenzy

New Portable ‘Food Photobooth’ Will Take Brunch Photography To The Next Level

The #dinnercam in all its glory. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Ever since Instagram fell into the app store from the heavens above, diners been dutifully dedicating the first few moments after the arrival of their sushi and molten chocolate lava cakes to snapping photos and choosing the perfect filters.

But some amateur photographers won’t be forced to settle for the low-quality iPhone food porn any longer.

A South African internet provider called MWEB created the #dinnercam, a machine seeking to “take social media food shots to the next level,” Gothamist reported. Read More

Foodie Frenzy

Foodspotting Loses Amy Cao, But Gains 1 Million Downloads in Five Months


Less than a year after Foodspotting cofounder Soraya Darabi stepped down from her day-to-day role, the company has lost another prominent representative of the brand. Last month, Amy Cao, head of community and social media at the food guide, opted out of the startup for the freelance life.

Ms. Cao, the consumate foodie behind sites like Amy Blogs Chow and Stupidly Simple Snacks, was very much a public face for the startup–so much so that the tipster who told us she left mistook Ms. Cao for one of the startup’s cofounders. Ms. Cao did not respond to a request for comment from Betabeat. But according to her LinkedIn profile, she is now freelance social media and community director for startups like Levo League and Consmr, which demo’d at last night’s New York Tech Meetup. Read More

Foodie Frenzy

Daily Foodie Newsletter Tasting Table is Gobbling Up Revenue

Mr. Hamilton (

Tasting Table, the daily epicurean email publication in the same vein as Thrillist, doesn’t fancy itself just another “To the trash bin with you!” newsletter. With stringent editorial standards (“no pay for play”) and a management team plucked from established print brands like Condé Nast, Tasting Table is quickly eking out a space for itself in the crowded foodie sphere.

The New York-based startup has doubled their year-over-year revenue for the last two years, and projects revenue of $10 million to $12 million and a count of two million readers by the end of 2012. Tasting Table does it by producing quality editorial work packaged into daily emails, with advertisements for various restaurants and bars sprinkled throughout. Read More