Fitness 2.0

Fitness 2.0

New Equinox App Leaves No Stone Unturned in the Quest for a Hot Bod

MAKE ME: Skinny enough to piss my friends off. (Screengrab via Equinox app)

Remember when your gym was just the place you went to work out?

If Equinox’s recent reboot of its app and website is any indication, the days of fitness centers existing solely as locations are over. The revered fitness chain’s new digital experience incorporates everything a health nut could want. This includes FitBit and Jawbone Up compliance, class schedules and reservations, articles on diet and working out and more.

The app will even pick a group class for you based on your mood. With the “Make Me” feature, you slide your thumb up and down a screen with gradated colors from blue to green to yellow to orange to red. Stop at “make me breathe,” and you’ll get a list of suggested yoga classes from gyms around your current location. Pick “make me burn burn burn,” and the app delivers studio cycling, power sculpt, barre burn and other higher-intensity workouts. Read More

Fitness 2.0

New Biometric T-Shirt Makes Fitbit Seem Like a Child’s Toy

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 1.38.31 PM

Companies that sell fitness tracking wristbands are having a hell of a time getting people to actually keep wearing them. Fitness tracking startup OMSignal thinks the way to get people to keep using the tech is to actually put the tracker in your clothing.

As of today, OMSignal is selling their new line of fitness tracking clothes, starting with a men’s line. The collection includes long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, which you buy along with a small black tracking box. The box — which you have to attach to whatever clothing item you’re wearing — is a tracking module that hooks up to the shirt and sends the biometric data to your phone via bluetooth. Read More

Fitness 2.0

Shocker: Cloud Company Reports People Love Putting Their Health Data in the Cloud

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.27.36 AM

Companies like Fitbit, who make fitness wearables and health trackers, purport to want to help businesses wire up their employees to improve productivity — and allegedly, employees love it, according to a convenient new report by The Human Cloud at Work project.

The project is a collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London and cloud services company Rackspace. They worked with British businesses to hook their employees up to a combination of three wearables: an accelerometer wristband, a brain wave sensor, and a posture coaching device. Read More

Fitness 2.0

‘World’s Heaviest iPhone Case’ Turns Your Phone Into a Dumbbell For Some Reason

We're so sure that woman owes her fit physique entirely to her ToneFone. (DesirableBody)

Think twice about hitting the gym tonight, because a new product billed as the “World’s Heaviest iPhone Case” will apparently turn your iPhone into a “weight loss device.” Okay.

The product is aptly called the ToneFone, and it’s a chunky iPhone 5 case that basically transforms your phone into a really light dumbbell. It comes in 1kg (2.2 lbs) and 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) varieties, and is made from “100% British steel” coated with “soft, durable and grippy rubber.” Depending on which weight option you choose, the ToneFone goes for £22.90 or £25.40, which comes out to around $38 or $42, respectively. Read More