First World Problems

First World Problems

Kids Are Fed Up With Their Parents’ Tech Addiction, Survey Says

Pretty much everyone. (Photo:

Parents love to gripe about how often kids these days are staring at screens — but new research from the UK shows that a lot of kids have the same complaint about their Facebook-obsessed parents.

Almost 70 percent of kids surveyed said their parents spend too much time on their phone, iPad or other devices, the Telegraph reports. At the same time, slightly fewer parents — 60 percent — had the same worry about their children. Read More

First World Problems

Parents Now Shipping Their iPad-Addicted Kids to Therapy

Problem child. (Photo: Flickr)

We’re all going to enter therapy for our addiction to technology eventually. Might as well start them young. That’s what they’re doing over in the United Kingdom to a four-year-old girl who, after using her iPad for more than four hours a day, became “distressed and inconsolable” when it was taken away.

Her mother entered her into a rehab after she showed “increased agitation” when the iPad was removed. Enter hero Dr. Richard Graham, the creator of Britain’s first-ever technology addiction program, who claims cases like hers are growing and creating “dangerous” long-term effects. He told The Telegraph that the electronic form of amusement was preventing kids from forming IRL social relationships and leaving kids very exhausted from the constant swiping. Read More

First World Problems

Parents in Park Slope Think iPads Make the Library Less Artisanal

A Park Slope no-no. (Photo:

Between protecting their kids from preservatives and putting in their hours at the Food Co-op, parents in Park Slope have found a new target to rage against: ALL of the technology. They’re complaining that the library in the posh Brooklyn neighborhood has too many gizmos and gadgets thus making it impossible for little Kai to learn about the benefits of farm-to-table restauranteering from a book, rather than an app. Read More

First World Problems

Pandemonium Strikes as Twitter Finally Admits to “Unfollow” Bug


If you noticed that one of your friends unfollowed you on Twitter recently, it might not be that they got fed up with your oversharing. Instead, they may have been the victim of a new “unfollow” bug Twitter finally admitted to today. The bug makes it look like you’re not following someone even when you are: in order to see if you’re actually following them, you have to click over to their profile page for confirmation. Read More

First World Problems

Everyone Was Super Psyched About New iPad…Until They Actually Tried It

The worst product on the market, the new iPad. (

It was the fanboy gasp heard ’round the world: the newest incarnation of the iPad would not follow the tradition of a new number for every iteration. Instead of the iPad 3, the new iPad would be just that: The New iPad. Some thought the move genius; others claimed deceased CEO Steve Jobs would never have allowed the release of an unnamed product. A comfortably predictable company going in a “surprise” direction? The Internet will have none of that! Read More

First World Problems

Reading This May Blind You: The Perils of Computer Vision Syndrome

Open wide. (Getty Images)

Computers are killing us. This is evident by the advent of yet another tech-related menace: Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome, or C.V.S.,  has joined Text Neck and Internet Withdrawal in the dark pantheon of newfangled maladies associated with our non-stop daily diet of digital distraction. If it’s easy to see this text you may be fine, but check out the American Optometric Association’s explanation of the disorder and list of symptoms (handy for use in a future a Workman’s Compensation claim!) anyway: Read More

First World Problems

Twitter Generation Reports Physical Symptoms From Internet Withdrawal


A new scourge is sweeping the nation, Al Jazeera reports today in an in-depth investigation, that could be fodder for the saddest episode of Intervention to date.

Millenials are addicted to the Internet, the story says, even manifesting physical addiction symptoms and necessitating the existence of Internet rehab clinics.

A study by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda asked 200 students at the University of Maryland to abstain from digital media including Internet, social media, phones and music for 24 hours. “Although I started the day feeling good, I noticed my mood started to change around noon. I started to feel isolated and lonely. I received several phone calls that I could not answer,” wrote one student. “By 2:00 pm. I began to feel the urgent need to check my email, and even thought of a million ideas of why I had to. I felt like a person on a deserted island… I noticed physically, that I began to fidget, as if I was addicted to my iPod and other media devices, and maybe I am.” Read More

First World Problems

Marco Arment on RSS: You’re Doing it Wrong

Deep breathes now.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment has some very strong opinions on how people should consume the internet. Putting a bunch of high volume feeds into your RSS reader, for instance, is a rookie mistake that Mr. Arment considers downright destructive, although he admits, “Abuse is probably a more accurate term, then, but it sounds ridiculous to call such a trivial, first-world problem ‘RSS abuse.'” Read More