First Comes IPO Then Comes Marriage

First Comes IPO Then Comes Marriage

Here’s the Geekiest Wedding Ever: Another Facebook Cofounder Gets Hitched

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The happy couple

If any would-be tech titans are taking notes, apparently the new relationship model goes IPO first, then marriage. Press-shy Facebook cofounder and engineer Andrew McCollum didn’t take the leap quite as quickly as his Harvard buddy Mark Zuckerberg, who married long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan the day after going public. Literally. But Mr. McCollum’s ceremony was ensconced in enough geekery to make any startup-type swoon.

Over the weekend, Mr. McCollum married Gretchen Sisson, a sociology Ph.D. who works at the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. The ceremony was held at boutique Chanler Hotel, which boasts “the best ocean view” in Newport, Rhode Island. The playful tone of the event began with the wedding program (retweeted by Ms. Sisson) where the couple described the festivities using the markup language XML and then used CoffeeScript to list the bridal party. As if that wasn’t enough nerding out, Quora engineer Kevin Der–who designed the Steve Jobs crossword puzzle tribute in The New York Times–also designed a crossword for the wedding program. Read More