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Fine Prints

Print Your Own Lumpy Fifth Century Sculpture, Thanks to MakerBot and the Met

One of the MakerBot 3D printing designs inspired by artwork at the Met.

Over the weekend, Brooklyn-based MakerBot brought a group of more than 30 artists, hackers and teachers from across the country to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Using basic digital cameras, the group scuttled around the museum capturing 360-degree views of sculpture from China, Greece, India and Mesopotamia, which would be made into digital models using 123D Catch, a free program from Autodesk. Read More

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Maker Movement Purists Bothered by ‘Closed System’ 3D Printing Cartridges

The Cube's cartridges.

“We’ve been engineering our tails off to bring you the best personal 3D printer and we rejected the proprietary cartridge model for printing materials which other companies use, because we encourage sharing and iteration,” MakerBot founder Bre Pettis wrote last week on the MakerBot Industries blog.

He was turning his nose up at the ink cartridge model, whereby manufacturers hold consumers hostage by charging them stiff prices for ink cartridges to keep their printers printing. Besides running out of ink too quickly, the cartridges also contain chips to monitor use, Mr. Pettis wrote. “This is such an old, accepted model of doing business, we don’t even think about it anymore. Razor blades, ink cartridges, photo printers, Swiffers, and mobile phones & service contracts. That’s the old world. That’s a wasteful world.”

Unfortunately, that attitude may be creeping into the 3D printing industry.  Read More

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Former Makerbot COO Is Selling His Own 3D Home Printer, Which Starts at Just $500

The Solidoodle in action at New York Tech Day. (Photo: Ben Weitzenkorn)

Sam Cervantes, a former aerospace engineer, spent almost a year as chief of operations for Brooklyn-based 3D printing powerhouse Makerbot before leaving at the end of 2010 under undisclosed circumstances. But after about a year, he bounced back into the 3D printing scene with his own printer and company, Solidoodle. The basic printer starts at just $499, making it one of the cheapest at-home 3D printers on the market. Read More