‘I’m Not Here to Make Guildmates:’ New Syfy Reality Show Is Basically Real World for Uber-Geeks

Meet Andrew, pretty much the Bethanny Frankel of geek world.

Starting this fall, you’ll be able to watch as seven “uber-fans” travel to L.A. to intern together at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. No, this is not a Christopher Guest mock-umentary—it’s not a sequel to “Best in Show” wherein Eugene Levy and Katharine O’Hara will star as a married Star Trek geek couple. This is a reality show—and that means it’s real, you guys—about actual fanboys and fangirls, premiering on Syfy September 24. It’s called Fangasm. Read More


Tesla Fanatics Crash Indiegogo Trying to Build a Shrine to Their Idol

The property, in more glamorous days.

For decades, Nicola Tesla was the quintessential forgotten hero, largely neglected as everyone sung the praises of Thomas Edison. But we seem to have reached some sort of nostalgic tipping point, because suddenly the internet is falling all over itself to build a monument to the man.

Why? Betabeat talked to the instigator behind the movement, The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman, and he explained it pretty simply:  “I thought, It’s a travesty. There should be a Tesla museum.”

A longtime Tesla fanboy, Mr. Inman has previously expressed his devotion with a comic titled, “Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived” (and could have been subtitled, “And Why Thomas Edison Was the Devil in Human Form”). Many of Tesla’s newfound admirers, he says, were brought into the fold by that very comic, to the point that, “I sort of felt like I was this unofficial leader of Tesla fandom,” he told Betabeat. Read More