Facebook Adds Shazam-Like Function So You Can Display Your Incredibly Basic Taste in Media

Zuck listening to the Black-Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feeling." (Photo: In the Capital)

Thanks, Facebook, for incorporating another feature that’s already been available in app form for years.

The social network that brought you the “ask” button so creeps can inquire about the relationship status or phone number you’ve purposely been keeping private will soon allow you to detect songs, movies and TV shows in order to share what you’re listening to and watching with 800 of your closest friends. Read More


Today, in Facebook Failure: Jersey Schoolteachers and Connecticut Divorcees

Great for your life, except when it's not.

As Facebook loses ground on its battles with the FTC over user privacy settings, the world should keep in mind that it doesn’t matter, because people can still ruin their lives using Facebook regardless of privacy controls. Because they are stupid. And Facebook’s most refined technological innovation is its unprecedented ability to facilitate the digital expression of this stupidity, which can sometimes have consequences in the real world. Read More