#MLKDay: Today’s Tackiest Social Media Brand Fails

Today is about honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.—not your store's clothing sale. (Wikipedia)

Today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is the day we honor Dr. King’s valiant fight for civil rights.

Unfortunately, it’s also the day brands repeatedly embarrass themselves with totally tactless #MLK-themed tweets. No matter how much they’re chastised for promoting themselves on MLK Day or Memorial Day, it seems brands can’t resists the urge to capitalize on solemn national holidays. Read More


#MemorialDay: Today’s Worst Social Media Marketing Fails

Let's all try to remember what Memorial Day is really about. (Wikimedia Commons)

Memorial Day is a time to give thanks to the brave Americans who serve our country, and honor those who’ve fallen in the line of duty. But sadly, the national holiday has also become a vehicle for companies to promote their brands on social media. Ugh.

Disturbingly, we’ve seen it plenty of times before — most recently on MLK day, when companies callously advertised themselves using #MLK on Twitter. Sure, using hashtags like #MLK, #VeteransDay or #MemorialDay hugely increases the viewership of a tweet, but we still don’t get why companies think it’s okay to capitalize on what should be a solemn day of national remembrance. Read More


#MLK: Today’s Tackiest Social Media Brand Fails

Not what social media was invented for. (

We all know it’s incredibly crass to use a national day of mourning to promote your brand. But still, every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Pearl Harbor Day and Sept. 11, companies do it anyway.

We understand the temptation. If your tweet includes the #MLK hashtag, chances are it’s going to be seen and even retweeted many more times than a regular missive promoting toilet paper or Oreos. Read More