There’s Now a Facebook for Unpopular People

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Half of the fun that comes along with having a Facebook account is dealing with the seething rage inspired by watching someone’s status become more popular than yours. Well if that whole thing isn’t really your cup of tea, then the Facebook Demetricator is for you.

The browser extension lets you look at Facebook without the number of likes and comments hitting you in the face. It’s the perfect solution for the Klout-less among us whose statuses are left naked and bare, just hanging there, probably not even showing up in your newfeed because Zuck’s magic algorithim knows that no user could possibly ever admire them. Read More


No, Facebook Still Owns Your Posts, You Dummies [UPDATED]

Zuck still owns you (Photo: Tech Globex)

Any Internet user knows that his or her personal information always belongs to someone else, so when an opportunity to claim back your identity comes about, you have to grab it. A Facebook status promising copyright privileges to users who reposted that status went viral this weekend. But if you think Zuck would let you own the rights to that album of Mr. Fluffles, then we have some shares in Zynga we’d like to sell you.

The obvious hoax has been around at least once before, but Snopes updated its debunking in honor of the newest strain. “Facebook users cannot retroactively negate any of the privacy or copyright terms they agreed to when they signed up for their Facebook accounts nor can they unilaterally alter or contradict any new privacy or copyright terms instituted by Facebook simply by posting a contrary legal notice on their Facebook walls,” Snopes explains. Read More


Facebook Tries to Fix Its Broken Fan Pages with Update Option

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As New York Observer columnist Ryan Holiday noted back in September, social media sites are often “broken on purpose.” That brokenness works in favor of a site like Facebook because it means they can potentially find more ways, in Mr. Lawler’s words, “to extract more money from users.”

Today, Facebook is starting to address that problem with a feature that allows users to choose if they want to be notified whenever there’s a new page post. Read More


Don’t Post ‘Irrelevant’ Comments on Facebook (Updated)

Hang in there just like that kitten on the poster, Mr. Zuckerberg. (

Tech startup personality and Rackspace Internet talking guy (seriously, what do you call Mr. Scoble, anyway?) Robert Scoble inadvertently ran afoul of Facebook’s vast, hydra-headed Cthulhu-armed cyber-nannyism today. This is news on a Saturday in early May:

…Robert Scoble, the well-known tech startup enthusiast, went to post a comment on a Facebook post written by Carnegie Mellon student (and TechCrunch commenter extraordinaire) Max Woolf about the nature of today’s tech blogging scene. Scoble’s comment itself was pretty par-for-the-course — generally agreeing with Woolf’s sentiments and adding in his own two cents.

But when Scoble went to click post, he received an odd error message… Read More