Facebook Faceplant

Facebook Faceplant

Sheryl Sandberg Offers Meh Apology For Creepy Facebook Study

"Haha lol whoops sry!!!" (Getty)

Sheryl Sandberg has churned out a lackluster apology for that weird psychological study Facebook secretly conducted on its users, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Delivered yesterday on a trip to New Delhi, the COO’s apology marked the first public statement by a Facebook executive in response to the study, which sought to determine whether data scientists could manipulate the emotions of 700,000 of the social media site’s users (answer: not really). Read More

Facebook Faceplant

Mark Cuban Pats Facebook CFO on the Back for Pricing Shares As High as Possible

"BLERG." -- Mark Cuban. (Photo:

This morning, Dealbook honcho Andrew Ross Sorkin made his case for the villain in the melodrama that is Facebook’s bungled IPO: CFO David Ebersman, who gave the $38 offering price the go-ahead. His excessive optimism–so goes the argument–flooded the market with overpriced shares, which have since lost half their value, and now there’s no upswing in sight, and that means Mr. Ebersman, at the very least, deserves a public calling-out.

Well, Mark Cuban thinks that’s bullshit.

In a new blog post titled “Facebook Handled Its IPO Exactly Right,” he calls Mr. Sorkin’s conclusion “180 degrees wrong” then goes on an absolute tear in defense of Facebook’s IPO pricing. Short version: It’s not David Ebersman’s job to make sure you don’t lose money betting on Facebook.  Read More

Facebook Faceplant

Facebook Is Down, Repeat, Facebook Is Down (For Some, Anyway)

Zuck listening to the Black-Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feeling." (Photo: In the Capital)

Here we were, prepping a Zynga post, when we popped over to check a detail on Facebook and discovered much to our horror a page that read “The webpage at is currently unavailable.”

Nor is it our admittedly budget Internet, either: A quick check of Twitter reveals that this Betabeat reporter is not alone, with a flood of tweets confirming the social network is down for at least some users. DownRightNow confirms, as does We checked Facebook’s official Twitter account, but it hasn’t been updated since May 24th, of course.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for details and will update when we hear more. In the meantime, please remain calm, Twitter and Tumblr are still functioning.

Presumably Sheryl Sandberg, corporate ninja, is personally sorting this out as we speak.

Facebook Faceplant

Nobody Voted in That Facebook Policy Poll

Not what social media was invented for. (

Well, well. Color us shocked. Remember that Facebook policy poll that we reported on last week? In the post, we guessed that no one would actually take the time to vote, and apparently we were right: Ars Technica crunched the numbers and turns out that only .038 percent of Facebook users bothered to cast a vote in the site-wide poll.

According to Ars:

Facebook closed the vote on its new data use policy and new statement of rights and responsibilities Friday, with a paltry 342,632 ballots cast as of a minute before closing. The vote needed 270 million participants to be binding, but falling far short of that benchmark, Facebook will use the vote tally in an advisory manner as it mulls a change over its new policies.

We’d like to institute a moratorium against complaining about privacy issues for anyone who couldn’t be bothered to vote, but we know it won’t make a difference. Carry on, Internet folks.

Facebook Faceplant

Kayak Reportedly Postpones IPO in the Wake of Facebook’s Faceplant

The Zuckerberg-Chans. Chan-Zuckerbergs?

Head for your bunkers: Facebook fallout is upon us. (Maybe.) Bloomberg reports that–according to one source, anyway–Kayak plans to delay its IPO, in the wake of Facebook’s less-than-stellar debut. Says Bloomberg:

The Norwalk, Connecticut-based online travel service has postponed the roadshow for the offering, which was scheduled to start last week, said the person, who declined to be identified because the information is private. Morgan Stanley, the lead bank on Facebook’s initial share sale, also was hired to lead Kayak’s IPO.

Facebook’s stock is currently at $28.19, well under its $38 debut. Given that it was the highest-profile technology IPO in years (seriously, “frenzy” doesn’t even do it justice), there was no way that wasn’t going to have some sort of impact. One researcher told Bloomberg: “After Facebook’s tumble, investors are not willing to buy pie in the sky.” Ouch.  Read More