eye for fashion

eye for fashion

The Romper for Men? ‘Suitsy’ Combines Pants, Shirt and Jacket All in One Garment

Lookin' stylish, sir. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Good news for all of you men out there who strive to wear as few individual pieces of clothing as possible: a one-piece suit might soon be a reality.

The fascinating and, surprisingly, fashionable concept is called the Suitsy — a “business suit onesie hybrid” that combines pants, a dress shirt and a suit jacket all into one nifty garment, Business Insider reports. The proposal for the Suitsy is posted on Betabrand, a site that lets users create, crowdfund and manufacture ~cutting edge~ clothing ideas. Read More

eye for fashion

You’re Not Paranoid, That Department Store Mannequin Really Is Watching You

(Sebastian Dooris)

Speaking of holiday shopping, what does your typical retail chain want for Christmas? Some job growth, perhaps, or a rebound in the housing market to spark consumer spending; a digital strategy to keep it competitive in the 21st century. Or how about something more tangible? Like a mannequin with a camera mounted behind one of its eyes that “feeds data into facial-recognition software like that used by police. It logs the age, gender, and race of passers-by.” Read More