Employee Don'ts

Employee Don'ts

Dear Angry Sysadmins, Please Do Not Take It Out on Your Company’s Computers

Letting it ride is highly recommended.

For the last time: Frustration with your workplace does not justify a campaign of retaliatory vandalism. You are not the IT Count of Monte Cristo.

Today ComputerWorld spins the sorry tale of Long Islander Michael Meneses. The FBI alleges that he quit in a huff after being passed over for a promotion and, rather than simply sending out a few resumes, began remotely sabotaging his former employer to the tune of $90,000 in damages.

Prosecutors claim:  Read More

Employee Don'ts

Man Devotes Three Years to Sabotaging Company Servers with Spray Cleaner

Bang, and your computers are fried! (Photo: Wikipedia)

Everyone feels a little under-appreciated at work every now and then. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever taken your vengeance with so much patience and steely-eyed determination as accounts controller Edward Sobolewski. The Telegraph reports that Mr. Sobolewski spent three years vandalizing the servers of his employer, the British market research firm Frost and Sullivan, to the tune of £32,000 in damages.

His choice of weapon for this campaign of destruction? The cleaning fluid Cillit Bang, which is marketed in the U.K. with the slogan, “bang and the dirt is gone.”

It does not mix as well with electronics as it does with kitchen counters. Read More