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Foursquare Announces Winners of Their Global Hackathon

Ahhh, Pari

Looks like some Foursquare hackers are set to earn a few new badges. The winners from Foursquare’s recent global hackathon are a diverse bunch, with the grand prize going to Paris-based developer¬†Benjamin Netter, who gets a brand new badge called Platformer and a dinner with dashing Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai. Mr. Netter created Plan Your Next trip, which uses the explorer API to generate a personalized two day vacation for travellers.

Other groups of hacks won glory and fame: Sqavenger, which uses historical landmarks to create a scavanger hunt that users play by text message and check-ins as well as Intersqaures, which show the intersection of your check-ins with another user. Read More

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Instapaper Puts Free App Out To Pasture


Marco Arment delivered his diatribe on the death of Instapaper’s free app today. It’s amazing just how different his approach to business is from his former employer, Tumblr.

Because Instapaper is an ongoing service, as opposed to a game you download once that doesn’t require updates, users represent a continued cost to Arment. Even over time, he doesn’t feel most would add up to $3.50 worth of ad impressions. Read More

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Classing it Up, Tries to Dodge Spam


Here’s an interesting shift. While many content farms are expanding their pace and even going public, is trying to step into the world of premium video.

The plan is to double the kind of high quality videos that are increasingly the long trail revenue drivers. This is similar to Youtube, which is spending $100 million to launch 20 channels with focuses on art, sports and entertainment, as well as celebrity driven specials.  Read More

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Android vs Apple – Investor vs Developer

fight debate conflict

There has been an interesting little debate going on between two New York heavyweights over which mobile operating system is the best platform on which to build a new business. The dispute reveals the dichotomy between different poles in the tech industry when it comes to the future of mobile.  Read More

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Drop the Ban Hammer, Sulia Scores Partnership With Twitter


It’s a scary time for folks developing applications and services on top of Twitter.

Third party ads got the ax a while back, and more recently Twitter platform lead Ryan Sarver wrote a post laying out a number of approaches to building on top of Twitter that would no longer be tolerated.

Today the company gave folks a peek at the kind of partnership it does want, announcing Twitter will work with New York startup Sulia to create curated topic lists for publishers. Read More