ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

You Can Buy the Briefs Right Off David Beckham’s Body Via Remote Control This Super Bowl


Screaming toddlers, itchy sweaters and miserable boyfriends — a trip to H&M never fails to fray the nerves.

In fact, the only things that make that store pleasurable at times are the giant David Beckham and Beyoncé ads, and the occasional bargain find.

Wouldn’t it be great to cut all the ancillary BS and just objectify David Beckham then buy the briefs encasing his rock-hard buns? Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Uggs and North Face Top Google’s Black Friday Searches Because We’re All Sorority Girls

What year is it again? (Photo: Getty)

Come on, guys. Come. On. First we learned yesterday that in 2013, Americans had the lamest taste in music besides Maroon 5-obsessed Singapore. And now, Google has released the top 10 trending gifts from Black Friday and reminded us all that the U.S.A. is a nation of shivering scaredy cats who are still clinging to the heinous trends of 2006.

Huffington Post published the list, and while it’s mostly populated by video games, toys and gadgets, its top two apparel items stuck out to us: UGG boots and the North Face. Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Retailers Really Sad They Can No Longer Advertise At You For Free Via Gmail

She's pulling in a mill as we speak. (Photo via Getty)

Gmail’s new inboxes have elicited many an aggravated response from users who expect the free service to be exactly the way they want it at all times and never change. And now, retailers are weighing in with their own tales of woe and disappointment.

To be specific, ecommerce types are “up in arms,” the New York Times reports, about the fact that their endless stream of junk mail is now relegated to a folder labeled “promotional.” Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Amazon Finally Unveils One-Stop Shop for Adult Diapers

(Screenshot: Amazon)

Internet usage among older adults is on the rise, so it makes sense that retail behemoth Amazon is making moves to tap into that demographic. Today the company unveiled a new specialty store targeting those ages 50 and older.

The online shop has all the things older adults might need, including “hundreds of thousands of nutrition, wellness, exercise and fitness, medical, personal care, beauty, entertainment items and more.”

In the end we’ll all probably need adult diapers–especially if the Singularity comes.

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

JackThreads Just Had Its Highest Sales Month Ever: ‘We Don’t Give the Store Away’

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.04.27 AM

If there were a word cloud for recent ecommerce reports, it would be shaped like a mushroom cloud with “over-hyped” “implosion,” “froth,” “down rounds,” and “suck it, America, Europe does it better,” all in extra large font.

So we weren’t expecting to hear that JackThreads, the men’s ecommerce site acquired by Thrillist in 2010, had its best revenue month ever in February, even bigger than typically high-selling holiday months. Growth in new members was up 366 percent year-over-year and double the growth in number of new users joining in November and December of 2012. Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Birchbox Invades Your Space with Birchbox Home

I spy sea salt.

We’re barreling toward the holidays, and the city’s ecommerce companies are putting on the Ritz accordingly. Yesterday, Etsy announced a Soho store for the holidays; today, Birchbox announced the launch of digital popup Birchbox Home. Discovery commerce: Why should you face have all the fun?

Birchbox Home kicks off with a $58 special edition box, packed with kitchen paraphernalia and fancy food samples. Think cocktail napkins and truffle sea salt. Participating brands include Jonathan Adler, Dean and DeLuca and Paperless Post (another Silicon Alley notable). The home box heralds the arrival of a home store, stocked with stuff from C. Wonder and Stonewall Kitchen. Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Winklevoss Twins Lead $750K Investment in Shopping Startup Hukkster

Sympathy for the (Kinda) Blue-Blooded Devils: Should you feel bad for the Winklevoss Twins?

The latest to hop on the shopping startup bandwagon: Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. DealBook reports that the twins just led a $750,000 investment in New York City-based Hukkster. The service allows budget-conscious shoppers to bookmark items they want, then receive email alerts when those items go on sale.

It’s the pair’s second investment through Winklevoss Capital. Previously they bet a $1 million on SumZero, a social network for money managers founded by their ConnectU comrade Divya Narendra. Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Ex-Bessemer Analyst Targets Pinteresters With a More Shoppable Proposition

Screen shot 2012-10-12 at 10.38.27 AM

There must be some pins in the water over at Bessemer Venture Partners. Back in May, Sarah Tavel, the former Bessemer VP who led the firm’s prescient early investment in Pinterest, left to head up “business” at the social network for “regular people” connoisseurs of pretty, special things.

Now, founder and CEO Michael Segal, a former Bessemer analyst, also finds himself going after the exact same target market that Pinterest helped define. Yesterday, he launched Curio Road, a New York-based “curated discovery site” (i.e. online shop of rotating collections of jewelry, accesories, home decor, and gifts) heavily influenced by his ecommerce training at Bessemer, he told Betabeat.

“We are saying to the Pinterest user–hey, here is an end-to-end shopping experience where you can channel your love for unique, creative stuff,” Mr. Segal explained. Read More