Sean Parker, Marble Buff

sean parker

Last month, Napster founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker made the biggest buy of the year so far, picking up the Bacchus House on West 10th Street. The former studio of sculptor Charles Keck, it had been converted into a party palace over two decades by its previous own, Enrico Cinzano, a wine and spirits heir.

Michael Gross, chronicler of Manhattan luxury housing, has an item for New York that uncovers the building’s unusual history, from its origins as a stable for Indiana banker and railroad man James F.D. Lanier to its ownership after Keck to the Sean-Parker-of-his-day, Samuel Chernoble, “an innovator, devising new printing processes and pioneering photo offset printing.”

But outdoing Gross for once is The Times, where this week’s Big Deal column lands an interview with Parker about his new homeRead More