Study: We Drunk-Text Because Our Intoxicated Selves Don’t Give a Crap About Repercussions

The average young American human prepares to send a drunk text. (via

This news won’t un-send the terrible drunk texts you unleashed in a blackout. But it might give you some insight into why you decided to, say, wastedly emasculate your ex via iPhone in the first place.

A recent study shows that alcohol “dulls the brain’s ‘alarm signal’ that warns you when you are making a mistake,” reports. “These dulled warnings are what leads to the loss of self-control we often regret after one too many.” Read More


This Alcohol Vaporizor Sends Tequila Straight To Your Bloodstream, Gets You Buzzed Instantly

Drunk off vapor (Image via YouTube).

If it’s the effects of alcohol rather than its deliciously intoxicating taste that drive you to drink, this new gadget is bound to get your party started.

The Vapshot mini vaporizes liquor so you can inhale your shots for an instant buzz.

Simply pour in the booze, inject the vapor into the Vapshot bottle, and 20 seconds later, you’re breathing in Jack Daniel’s through a straw. Read More


WunWun Will Deliver an Ice Luge to Your Hamptons Cottage This Weekend, You Heathen

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.33.02 AM

There are so many apps to spice up the Modern Gatsby’s Fourth of July plans. A privately chartered helicopter to the Hamptons? Check. A car service for all of the plebeians who are taking the LIE? Check. An ice sculpture that gets everyone plastered once they arrive? Oh yes, there’s an app for that, too.

WunWun, a Postmates-like delivery app for “your every need,” will be delivering ice luges to the Hamptons for the holiday weekend, so you can celebrate our great nation’s independence with alcohol poisoning. Read More


NYC Booze Delivery App Launches Just In Time For Right F@&*ing Now

A sight for sore eyes. (Photo:

Just in time for’s oft-depressing Singles in America study and a fresh batch of snow and ice outside, there’s a hot new way to drown your sorrows in the privacy of your own overpriced apartment. It’s an on-demand booze delivery app!

Called Minibar, it launched today and allows users in Manhattan and Brooklyn to order whatever kind of wine and liquor they damn well please. The app guarantees free delivery in under an hour. Read More