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drink up

‘Distiller’ App Recommends Whiskey Based On Your Preferences

Hey, it's an infographic! (Photo via Distiller)

Liquor stores are overwhelming, and not just when you’re already drunk. There are just so many choices┬áthat, let’s be honest, are damn near impossible to differentiate.

Many imbibers will be swayed by the smoke and mirrors of clever bottle design and inflatable pirate displays. But for the more discerning customer, there must be a better way to try out new bottles without fear that they’ll suck. Read More

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High-Tech Beer Holder Prevents You From Drunk-Dialing Your Ex


One of the most pressing issues of our time is the fact that we can contact lovers who’ve scorned us at the push of a button, and we are drunk a lot. This often leads to drunken voicemails, drunken texts or, worst of all, drunken sexts.

But thanks to a new invention called the Cell Phone Nullifier, we can stop worrying about our lowered inhibitions leading to a lowered level of dignity. Created by Brazilian beer brand Polar, the beer cozy cuts off phone connection within a 1.5-meter radius, PSFK reports. Read More

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YouTube Blocked the George Clooney-Cindy Crawford Bed-Hopping Video. Does YouTube Hate Us?


George Clooney generally enjoys a reputation as a classy fellow, the kind of movie star more likely to associate himself with global humanitarian campaigns than cheesy brand marketing. And so it came as some surprise that the Oscar-winning actor had a) launched his own tequila brand, called Casamigos, and b) recorded a promotional video in which he’s shown waking up in bed first with Cindy Crawford, then with Ms. Crawford’s husband, Randy Gerber, who is Mr. Clooney’s partner in the tequila brand. (Mr. Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler also takes a turn beneath the sheets with Ms. Crawford.) Read More