DIY Don'ts

DIY Don'ts

DIY Doyenne Martha Stewart Is In a Fight With Bloggers, Apparently

Zero. fucks. given. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for City Harvest)

When last we checked in with Martha Stewart, queen of crafts and empress of America’s WASPs, she was trying to get someone, anyone, to fix her broken iPad. But now she’s in Internet trouble once again–this time for incurring the wrath of the bloggers

It all started with this interview with Bloomberg News, in which Ms. Stewart cast aspersions upon the qualifications of “these bloggers”: Read More

DIY Don'ts

50 Pinterest DIY Projects You Are Definitely Not Doing This Christmas

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Only someone on a five-day meth binge can muster this level of attention to detail.

The holidays are upon us! Time to trim the tree and drink some cocoa. For crafty types, though, this is basically the Olympics. This is the main event, the reason they’ve trained so hard for so long. Pinterest is therefore flooded with impossibly intricate, over-the-top DIY projects.

But other than a few twee over-achievers, no one is actually going to try these. You will be too busy drinking eggnog until you fall over and combing Kmart for last-minute gifts. Read More

DIY Don'ts

Petition Objects to Etsy Profiting from Sale of Racist Dolls

Oh, dear. (Photo: Etsy)

It’s tough being a platform, especially one that wants to be open but maintain a certain community identity. In the last six months or so, questions have started to bubble up about whether Etsy can balance its DIY ethos with the demands of scalability. Even so, the DUMBO-based startup has kept intact much of its friendly, show-love-it’s-the-Brooklyn-way aura.

Which is why this petition (spotted here) against the sale of “Golliwog” dolls on the site is likely to make everyone involved feel a little awkward. Read More