Mad Hacker Reportedly Creating Some Furby-Like Super-Gadget

Can't stop, won't stop. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Tear up your Christmas lists, folks, because Intel director of creative innovation has got everyone covered, forever.

Metro reports that recently, he was wandering through Harrod’s (as one does), presumably having the chillest day. That’s when serendipity struck: He happened upon “a little stuffed animal.” Next to it: a speaker, then, a MiFi wireless box. The wheels in his head started to turn: Read More


Quirky Has More Users and Ideas to Go With All That Money

Bits byte, let's make something.

Quirky, a crowdsourced creation platform,  just raised $16 million. What numbers were those venture heads looking at when they opened their wallets? Well Quirky recently partnered with Bed, Bath & Beyond, and company says this has spurred big growth.

Since the start of 2011 it has expanded its user base by more than 40 percent to over 78,000.

The average number of ideas submitted in each weekly round has doubled from 114 to 227. A show about the company is about to air on the Sundance channel, so expect that growth to increase.  Read More